ZZKJ, Vacuum Unit, Manifold Type Vacuum Generator for Fieldbus System

The ZZKJ is a Fieldbus-compatible vacuum manifold with built-in pressure sensor and generator units with energy saving functions.  The ZZKJ manifold allows for remote control and monitoring of the pressure of individual generators in the manifold.

  • EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, IO-Link, EtherCAT
  • Requires no input/output unit: Space saving & less wiring work
  • Energy-saving
  • IP65: dust-tight/water-jet-proof

The ZZKJ manifold assembly cannot be ordered alone.  The ZKJ vacuum generator units and/or blanking plates need to be ordered along with the vacuum manifold.  Be sure that the total number of generators and blanking plates is equal to the manifold stations.  Blanking plates are to be used in manifold stations where vacuum generators are not mounted.  The blanking plate part number is ZKJ-BP1-A

ZZKJ, Vacuum Unit, Manifold Type Vacuum Generator for Fieldbus System
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