Tomorrow’s World Today

Tomorrow’s World Today is a television series that explores the concepts of science and technology that are changing lives today for making a difference tomorrow. Tomorrow’s World Today host George Davison and field reporter Greg Costantino tour SMC’s North American Corporate Campus in Noblesville, Indiana to learn about the newest revolutionary innovations in pneumatic technologies for supporting sustainable manufacturing. Greg talks with SMC’s Amanda Wease and John Halvorsen as they explain the ABC’s of pneumatics integral to manufacturing.

With SMC’s vision to be the global standard for sustainable automation through our product design, and the core purpose of Tomorrow’s World Today to communicate such innovation, our goals truly aligned perfectly for this opportunity; SMC acknowledges the importance of communicating our efforts to sustainably support automation as these efforts offer direction for others to build a better, more sustainable foundation for the future of automation, and thus the world. Through incorporating the ABCs of SMC, which focus on products and principles designed to generate resource savings, as well as awarding Tomorrow’s World Today our first National Pneumatics Day Award for Sustainability, we hope that the episode demonstrates the rewards that innovation yields, and encourages others to reap these rewards through practicing sustainability in automation.

Watch SMC’s episode here.