SMC Awards the 2023 Sustainability in Automation Award to PROD Design and Analysis

As the leading global manufacturer of pneumatic components, SMC supports the responsible and sustainable use of pneumatics through corporate operations and partnering with customers to discover creative ways to reduce overall compressed air and electrical consumption. In product design, SMC’s comprehensive approach focuses on consuming less raw materials in the manufacturing process by making products smaller, lighter, and extending the operating life.

To complement its emphasis on sustainability, SMC presents the Sustainability in Automation award on National Pneumatics Day to a company that exemplifies responsibility and sustainability in automation through corporate messaging, operations, and additional efforts. This year, SMC recognizes PROD Design & Analysis, Inc. as the 2023 recipient of the Sustainability in Automation award for its contributions to sustainability in automation.

“It is important to recognize companies for their contributions to sustainability as it sets precedence for all of SMC’s partners,” says Tyler Turner, Sustainable Development Manager at SMC. “Encouraging partner companies to implement sustainability measures into their business practices will ultimately lead to a cleaner standard for automation.”

PROD D&A is an innovative engineering company based in El Paso, Texas. Founded in 2004, the company quickly became a frequent and reliable customer of SMC. The company specializes in highly custom machinery for a wide range of customers, and prides itself in developing new, cutting-edge automation solutions to address complex customer challenges.

PROD D&A contributes to sustainability in automation through a holistic approach that ensures it is rising to the challenges of the changing global environment in meaningful and productive ways. This approach involves implementing design methodologies that focus on the reduction, detection, and retention of ineffective products to ensure that human health and safety is at the forefront of the company’s products. Machines are designed with considerations for reduction of energy consumption, extension of equipment life, and consideration for the ultimate end-of-life disposition of products. These efforts align with PROD D&A’s sustainability mission: "We will consistently base all our actions on sustainability principles to protect human life, our planet, and our future.”

SMC is honored to present this award to PROD D&A, a company that serves as a beacon of leadership in corporate sustainability and sustainability in automation. SMC’s commitment to sustainability remains a steady pillar in product designs and features, allowing customers like PROD D&A to further reduce their energy consumption. As the variety of customer industries become more environmentally conscious, SMC will continue to design and manufacture components that will contribute to energy efficiency, cost savings, and a cleaner future.

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About SMC Corporation of America

SMC Corporation of America, a subsidiary of SMC Corporation in Japan headquartered in Noblesville, IN, is a comprehensive manufacturer of components for the Automation, Controls, and Process industries. With technical centers in Japan, the US, Europe, and China, our vision to be the global standard for sustainable automation is realized through partnering with our customers to discover opportunities for energy and resource savings by reducing overall compressed air and electrical consumption. Visit for more information about SMC Corporation of America. 

About PROD Design & Analysis, Inc.

PROD Design & Analysis, Inc. is an innovative engineering company based in El Paso, Texas that specializes in highly custom machinery and cutting-edge automation solutions that address complex customer challenges. Visit for more information about PROD D&A and the company’s sustainable practices.