SMC Powers Up with HSI Solar: Inaugurates State-of-the-Art Solar Field at North American Headquarters


NOBLESVILLE, Ind., (Jan. 12, 2024) - SMC, a global leader in manufacturing automation components, has marked a significant milestone in its corporate sustainability initiatives with the activation of its cutting-edge solar field, developed in collaboration with Indianapolis-based HSI Solar. This eco-friendly implementation is one of the pioneering steps in a multi-phase sustainability project undertaken at SMC's North American headquarters.

As SMC continues to champion environmental responsibility, the company remains dedicated to setting the standard for sustainable automation and reducing its carbon footprint. The solar field emphasizes SMC's commitment to environmental responsibility by generating clean, renewable energy on-site, powering the company's operations.

"Our solar field showcases SMC's dedication to prioritizing sustainability not only in our products, but through our operations as well. By harnessing solar energy at our North American headquarters, we are taking a significant step towards achieving our long-term environmental objectives and contributing to a greener future," said SMC Sustainability Manager Tyler Turner about the importance of this project in the context of SMC's broader goals.

The newly operational system is projected to produce an estimated 1.4 gigawatt-hours of energy annually, a substantial contribution to SMC's green energy portfolio. This milestone not only reinforces SMC's commitment to sustainable practices but also positions the company as a leader in environmental stewardship within the automation engineering and manufacturing sector.

SMC President, CEO Kelley Stacy expressed enthusiasm about the completion of the first phase of the solar field, stating, "At SMC, we recognize the imperative to adopt sustainable practices and reduce our environmental impact. The activation of our solar field is a momentous occasion, highlighting our commitment to clean energy and setting the stage for further advancements in sustainable initiatives within our community."

Looking ahead, SMC plans to build upon the success of the current solar field, with an expansion slated for 2024. This strategic move is part of SMC's ongoing efforts to aggressively pursue sustainable practices and further integrate renewable energy solutions into its operations.


About SMC Corporation of America

SMC Corporation of America, a subsidiary of SMC Corporation in Japan headquartered in Noblesville, IN, is a comprehensive manufacturer of components for the Automation, Controls, and Process industries. With technical centers in Japan, the US, Europe, and China, our vision to be the global standard for sustainable automation is realized through partnering with our customers to discover opportunities for energy and resource savings by reducing overall compressed air and electrical consumption. Visit for more information about SMC Corporation of America. 

About HSI Solar

HSI Solar (Horizontal Situation Indicator) is a Developer/EPC firm specializing in identifying and evaluating energy conservation measures (ECMs) that reduce recurring electrical consumption and enhance on-site renewable power generation. Our unique process is tailored to deliver transparent turnkey energy solutions customized for each client. We prioritize building strong relationships with our customers and are dedicated to meticulous attention to detail and providing exceptional service.