LEY-X5, Electric Actuator, Rod Type, Dust/Drip Proof, AC Servo Motor

The X5 option, available for the LEY series in sizes 25 and 32, is a dust and drip proof specification equivalent to IP65. The AC servo motors do not require enclosures, but the scraper and lube-retainer configurations are included. Additionally, the body extrusion includes a vent hole and fitting to balance internal pressure so that dust and water are not drawn in.  AC servo motors are available with incremental or absolute encoder.  Optional drivers include pulse input and various communication protocols including Ethernet.


  • IP65 environmental rating. AC servo motor and cable are IP65 rated without an enclosure
  • Body sizes: 25, 32
  • Maximum work load: 60 kg (horizontal); 46 kg (vertical)
  • Maximum pushing force: 736 N
  • Maximum stroke: 500 mm
  • Positioning repeatability: ±0.02mm (±0.01mm high precision option)
  • Encoder resolution: 17-bit (S motors), 22-bit (T motors), 20-bit (V motors)
  • Lube-retainer retains grease oil film on rod
LEY-X5, Electric Actuator, Rod Type, Dust/Drip Proof, AC Servo Motor
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